About DruSight

Companies large and small constantly grapple with the avalanche of processing that they need to cater to in course of their business operations, be it for customer experience, regulatory requirements or risk management. Freeing up their people to be able to handle the dynamic and unpredictable in course of their work ( processing) as opposed to the mundane and repetitive is the blessing-curse chasm that they need to address if they are to survive the tsunami of digital world of tomorrow.

DruSight from Drubus Technologies helps in the constant quest of companies to cross the efficiency chasm by doing more with available resources. Coupled with a 24 X 7 X 365 computing resource, this framework helps with setting up a "context" for work that is to be done. The context could be validation and/or actions on a digital image.

DruSight enables insurance companies to adopt the "services" way for work which empowers them to be future ready in handling the complexity of era of "Internet of Things" , "health wearables", "autonomous vehicles" where it is impossible for humans to be part of the "chain" of "work". Humans can set policies and govern without being a bottleneck in the autonomous era, please email  us to help make your life better with technology ( our vision and mission).